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Do you consider creating a website for your business? You will need an agency that provides internet marketing service. Like Servicii SEO Bucuresti. It can help you create a professional and very attractive website based on a good digital marketing strategy. That way you will increase both your traffic and profits.

Internet marketing service- trust the experts in their job!

There are a lot of things involving website creation. Such as technical parts, design, functionality, and many other factors. For example, the design of your website has a significant impact on its visitors. It has to be appealing to them to stay on it.

Also, specialists can create an easy-to-navigate website. This is very important because the more user-friendly is your website the more people will stay. And the more people stay and navigate, the more its increases your chances of conversions.

In essence, you need to hire experts for building or managing a website. Experts, who work based on a good and powerful digital marketing strategy. Because without a strategy, you will never achieve your goals. Contact us online to chat with a professional strategist directly!

How to create a digital marketing strategy in 4 steps

This strategy describes a series of actions that use online marketing channels to achieve your goals. If you are working with us, your business will have a unique strategy that fits all of your needs. Here is step by step how to develop your digital marketing plan.

  1. Buyer persona

You need to create a buyer persona that represents the people interested in your business. For a successful online marketing strategy, you must know your target audience. Who wants your product or services. It is important to know your ideal customer. That way you can communicate in a way that appeals to them.

In this case, you will have to research your audience. You can describe your buyer persona by demographic information(location, age, job, etc.). And also by personal information (interests, goals, hobbies, etc.). A buyer persona not only helps to shape your strategy but also determines which channels to use to reach people.

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  1. Set your goals

You can not create a digital marketing strategy without knowing what you want. So it is essential to have goals. There are three types of goals: short-term, medium-term, and long-term. Setting multiple types of goals can help to develop a better plan for your business.

Explicitly, a short-term goal is something you would like to do in the nearest future. It could be this week, this month, or this year, something you can achieve in 12 months or less. Medium-term goals could be achieved between one to five years. And long-term goals above five years.

  1. Audit your current online marketing strategies

If you want to improve your strategy process, you must audit it. There are three different types of media you need to look for on your site: earned, paid, and owned. Is important to know how your campaign functions to know how to improve it.

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In detail, earned media is publicity that comes from your promotion efforts. It could be reviews, articles about your business, and any free media about your company. Owned media includes blogs, social media accounts, and anything with your name on it. And paid media is anything you pay for, ads, pay-per-click, etc.

  1. Establish your budget

Before setting up an online marketing strategy, it is essential to know how much you can spend. You don’t want to plan a strategy that you can’t afford. It is most effective if you create a budget for each marketing campaign. That way you will know how much you can spend on each division.

Also, you need to establish your resources too. For example, people are one of the most essential resources. Different tools, like Google Analytics, are also resources. To sum up, you need to establish both your budget and your resources before launching your strategy.

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