Website Creation

Do you want to have a website for your business? You are in the right place. Our team can provide you a fully functional high-quality site. There are several types of sites to choose from. Read the list below, and choose which website model you want for your business.

What type of website do you need?

Landing page

Standard presentation site

E-commerce - an online store

Agentie SEO

Landing Page

A landing page is a web page where the visitors first reach when they click your domain name. This page contains all the information about your business. The visitor finds here the answer to the basic questions:

Who are we? What do we sell? How much do our services or products cost? Why you should choose us? How can you contact us?

The landing page contains:

  • A title that draws potential customers’ attention to it
  • A list of the benefits that your business offers
  • A representative image
  • Buttons that encourage the visitor to contact you
  • Links to your business social networks (Facebook)
  • The company’s logo and name
  • Clearly written contact details: email, phone, or physical address
  • you have all the information on one page
  • the price is more advantageous
  • it is created the fastest
  • you can quickly and conveniently have a web page
  • you can quickly launch online and you can also invest in online optimization and promotion
  • a landing page is not as comprehensive
  • you can optimize SEO for fewer keywords and phrases
  • you can’t give a lot of information to potential customers
  • it’s hard to configure it if you aim to sell directly
Agentie SEO

Standard presentation site

  1. The domain name and the hosting for your site could be purchased by you, or purchased by our team and these are included in the project price.
  2. It contains between 3 and 5 pages. These pages can be chosen from the following options: Home, About us, Services, Prices, Contact, Blog, Image Gallery, etc.
  • We have several pages through which we answer the basic questions as well
  • Answer the questions in more detail: Who? How? When? Why?
  • It offers a broad picture of our business products/services
  • Allows many keywords to be optimized
  • You can create a clearer and more detailed image
  • It takes longer until it is ready
  • The cost is higher
  • You cannot sell directly through the site
Agentie SEO

E-commerce - an online store

  • you can sell online to your customers
  • you reach a bigger market (more customers)
  • It costs more than a simple presentation site
  • involves a monthly technical / IT maintenance cost
  • bank maintenance expenses, logistics expenses (courier fees),
  • requires a larger budget for promotion
  • It requires teamwork to be managed (versus the simple presentation site where only one person can handle the administration of the site)

To create an online store you will need:

  • We establish the structure of the online store categories, subcategories, product description style
  • We are building a product catalogue
  • Responsive design – so that the online store is easy to see on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer
  • Payment integration with card and online order
  • Products, customers or orders management – administration panel
  • Blog – so we can promote the products you have for sale
  • SEO optimization for the online store
  • Contact page

General technical details about Website Creation

  • We build a site on the WordPress platform
  • We offer branding and re-branding service
  • We make the technical settings in cPanel
  • Theme settings
  • Creating written and visual content
  • The technical part of SEO optimization
  • Fast loading speed
  • Display Google Maps
  • Mobile optimization so that the site is responsive on mobile,
  • Implementation of GDPR, so that you do not receive fines for processing the data of site visitors,
  • We offer maintenance and technical assistance service

Pay attention! Your site needs to become visible. This means that a part of the budget goes to promotion and optimization. You can find more information here about what SEO optimization means. Essential for each site is to become known for Google – a site without visitors does not fulfil its purpose (does not sell).


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